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St Luke’s Church Hall, St Luke’s Street, Chelsea, London. SW3 3RP

Thursday Afternoons

Creative and imaginative Arts and Crafts

This is an additional part of the core curriculum sessions and children are encouraged to use a wide range of resources in order to express their own ideas and feelings and to construct their individual responses to experience in two and three dimensions. Art equipment, including paint, glue, crayons and pencils as well as natural and discarded resources, provides for open-ended exploration of colour, shape and texture and the development of skills in painting, drawing and collage. Children join in with and respond to music and stories, and there are many opportunities for imaginative role-play, both individually and as part of a group.

Singing with 'Margo'.

Margo Random is a NY-born performer/musician with a background in theatre and live and recorded music. She aims to provide learning through fun and uses a guitar to accompany the songs which enables her to react to the children, create a dynamic in volume and tempo and leads the class in an interactive, accessible way.

A typical class would encompass:

  • Singing along with familiar and new songs
  • Songs with actions to learn
  • Songs with jumping, marching, dancing, etc.
  • Instruments with individual playing progressing to playing in sections and solo parts
  • Rhythm games
  • Imagination games


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