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St Luke’s Church Hall, St Luke’s Street, Chelsea, London. SW3 3RP

Registration & Fees

At Ringrose Kindergarten Chelsea we prefer all prospective parents to visit the school prior to Registration. Please email to make an appointment. We will be delighted to show you around and will provide you with a Registration Form at the end of your visit

Methods of Payment 

  1. By Cheque made out to 'Ringrose Kindergarten Limited' and posted to the correspondence address:- 21 Swanage Road, London, SW18 2DZ. (This method is currently suspended)
  2. By electronic transfer. The invoice number MUST be quoted for each payment made. For deposits and Registration please quote child's name. 


Registration Fee

Ringrose Kindergarten:   £150.00

Acceptance of Place Deposit

The Acceptance of Place Deposit is a sum of money payable on acceptance of place. The deposit is retained by the school as part of its general funds but is returned (without interest) within 3 weeks of the end of the child’s final term less outstanding fees and charges and subject to correct notice being given.

Ringrose Kindergarten offers a two year programme.  We do not normally accept children on a short term basis however, under exceptional circumstances, the Headmistress may allow shorter periods providing all possible eventualities are discussed and agreed in writing in advance.  The deposit will be retained by the school if your child does not attend the full programme; September intake (6 terms) January intake (5 terms).

Acceptance Deposit

Ringrose Kindergarten:   £1,500.00

Payment of Fees

  1. School fees are due by the first day of term.
  2. An administration charge of £100 per week (or part week) is made for all fees remaining unpaid from the first day of term.
  3. Pupils may be excluded if fees remain unpaid at half term.

Notice of withdrawal of a child must be given in writing to the Headmistress on, or before, the first day of term at the end of which the child is to leave, otherwise the following term’s fees are payable in lieu of notice and the deposit withheld.

Ringrose Kindergarten is a Registered Minimum Funding Entitlement (MFE) provider. We pass this on in the form of reduced fees (£1,274.10) per term for the over three's only.

The inclusive fee Autumn Term 2020 will be £3,970.00 per term. MFE of £1,274.10 means that you pay £2,695.90 the term following your child's third birthday.

Termly Fees - Kindergarten Mornings only: £3,970.00 (Fees are inclusive of Ballet with the Chelsea Ballet School and a multi activity program with Playball).

Full Days (Optional)
5 mornings + 1 afternoon: £4,520.00 (inclusive of Specialist subjects). (£3,245.90 with MFE)

5 mornings + 2 afternoons: £5,070.00 (inclusive of Specialist subjects). (£3,795.90 with MFE)

5 mornings + 3 afternoons: £5,620.00 (inclusive of Specialist subjects). (£4,345.90 with MFE)

5 mornings + 4 afternoons: £6,170.00 (inclusive of Specialist subjects). (£4,895.90 with MFE)